Polymer Science and Engineering


Polymer Science Engineering deals with the analyses of polymer materials. A Polymer is a large molecule or a macro molecule which essentially is a combination of large number of sub units. The word polymer in Greek means “many parts”. It also deals with the chemical synthesis, Polymer Structures and chemical properties of polymers which were esteemed by Hermann Staudinger as macromolecules but also covers other aspects of Novel synthetic and polymerization methods, Reactions and chemistry of polymers, properties and characterization of polymers, Synthesis and application of polymer bio conjugation and Polymer Nano composites and architectures. Polymers are a highly diverse class of materials which are available in all fields of engineering from avionics through biomedical applications, drug delivery system, bio-sensor devices, cosmetics etc. and the improvement and usage of these depends on polymer applications and data obtained through rigorous testing. The application of polymeric materials and their composites are still increasing quickly due to their affordable average cost and ease of manufacture.